This page is for clarification on any information about this project which may be unclear, may contradict what is in the G1 canon, or which may contradict itself on this site due to outdated information in drafts and sketches.

Format: True fact (Contradicting detail. Reason for difference.)
  • Megan is 18 years old. (her character profile sketch on this blog says she's 16. Outdated information, changed for story development purposes)
  • Megan possesses the Rainbow of Presence (original G1 canon refers to it as the "Rainbow of Light". Changed in the rebuild because "Rainbow of Light" is redundant)
  • Tirek possesses the Rainbow of Absence (original G1 canon refers to it as the "Rainbow of Darkness". Changed in the rebuild because "Rainbow of Darkness" is an oxy-moron)
  • The locket which contains the Rainbow of Presence was passed down to Megan by her late mother (original G1 canon states that Megan receives the locket from the Moochick. Changed for story development purposes).
  • The Rainbow of Presence begins as a concentrated beam of light. When the light is shone though the Sun Stone, it becomes a spectrum which may be broken into the Elements of Harmony (G1 canon states that the "Rainbow of Light" is a rainbow the entire time, and that it has no connection to the sun stone. G4 canon implies a connection between the Rainbow of Light and the Elements of Harmony, and much speculation has been done by fans, but nothing has ever been confirmed by Lauren Faust or Jayson Thiessen on this topic. Detail added for plot development and continuity purposes).