Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sorry About That!

Okay, so the project went on a 6-month hiatus in which I debated the implications of putting so much time and effort into an animation series of this calibre. In the end, I put my willpower to the test - I created a quick, functional skeleton animation of a key moment from the series to see A) how long it would take me, start to finish, just to put things in perspective, and B) how good the results were, so I could build upon that effort and create something I can be proud of.

The product was this:

For the record - I have decided that both Tirek and Discord will have human and monster forms which they are able to switch between at will.

So tell me what you think of this animation. It took me about half an hour, including setup and mixing, to record the audio. The total project, start to finish, took roughly 2 hours. I estimate that given 2 and a half hours I could have added a sufficient background, and with four hours I could have animated his hand to clench into a fist and given him an unknotted necktie that would flow in a ribbon-like manner. I probably could have put it into color, too.

However, I'll save that for version 2.

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