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[Update] Official Episode List! (Part 1) [SPOILER ALERT]

This is your official warning - this post contains MASSIVE spoilers for the series. It's not just the episode list, it's my mental discussion with myself of where I should take the series. If you get anal-retentive about spoilers, DO NOT READ. Heck, if you just in general don't enjoy spoilers, stay away from this post. Only read this post if nothing I say could deter you from watching this series once it is released.

Some of the episodes have summaries, others do not. I will be adding more summaries as time goes on and I get more of the details fleshed out.

All content after the break. You have been warned.
Okay, so I've been doing almost nonstop thinking about this project, and I've decided that I'll split the series into two parts: The first part is the G1 rebuild, officially titled "Celestia's Origin: The End of Flutter Valley". The second part will be a re-interpretation of G4, and will be titled "Celestia's End: Friendship is Magic".

Now that this is established, I present to you the official list of episodes for part 1. Please note that until the episodes are actually written, this list is subject to slight change. But I think that any changes will be minimal. The episode list is almost always the final word on how I present the series.

Episode 01 - Idle Hands - Megan Wells, struggling with the possibility of having her siblings taken away by child protective services, happens upon an alternate world filled with colorful talking miniature equines. She is quick to discover that the old, tarnished locket she carries makes her the key to saving this alternate reality from the tyrant, Tirek, and the sinister sorceress VOID who stands in the shadows...
Episode 02 - The Raid on Dream Castle - Galaxy, the interim leader of Dream Valley, helps Megan tap into the power of her locket, which transforms into a magical staff. What Galaxy doesn't know is that the staff contains a voice which offers to teach Megan how to use defensive and offensive magic. Megan hesitantly accepts, and after a few hours of prep-training, enters the fray to fend off the forces of Tirek attacking the castle.
Episode 03 - Reality - After her battle with Scorpan, Tirek's assistant, Megan wakes up and returns to her own world. At first she assumes that Dream Valley was just that - a dream. Around noon, Mr. Craig calls and says that he's scheduled a meeting with the judge a week from then. That evening Megan goes back to the Dream world, and talks to Galaxy about the world being a dream. Galaxy provides some words of wisdom and Megan returns to her world with an intention to differentiate between the dream and reality.
Episode 04 - The Midnight Castle Invasion Force - Megan returns to Dream Valley with the knowledge that it's not a dream but it's own separate reality. Galaxy welcomes Megan back and introduces her to the Invasion Force that she assembled to lay waste to Midnight Castle, Tirek's stronghold. The Invasion Force consists of Firefly, Applejack, Bowtie, Fizzy, Galaxy and Spike.With their team assembled, they set off on their trek towards Midnight Castle.
Episode 05 - The Moochick - During their travels, the Invasion Force rescues someone from drowning in a nearby river. He calls himself the Moochick and offers to help the Invasion Force to repay them for saving his life. The help he offers is knowledge of Tirek's plan; as it were, Tirek's objective is the bring in "The Night That Never Ends" by shrouding the land in a cover of darkness - the Rainbow of Absence. The only force that can stop the Rainbow of Absence is a Rainbow of Presence - a spectrum formed from the wavelengths emanated from the Elements of Harmony. The Moochick also gives Megan a talisman that can break through the magical barrier Tirek has placed around Midnight Castle. With that, the Invasion Force continues on their journey, and eventually reaches Midnight Castle.
Episode 06 - Tirek (Round 1: Rainbow of Absence) - Megan and the Invasion Force infiltrate Midnight Castle. Since they are ill-prepared to take on Tirek (given they lack the ability to conjure a Rainbow of Presnece), they hope only to weaken Tirek's forces and, if they're lucky, render his Rainbow of Absence unusable. However, they are confronted in Tirek's throne room and must face him head on. The centaur beastman throws some spiteful jabs of wit at Spike before turning towards the invasion force itself and allowing them to witness the power of darkness...
Episode 07 - Tirek (Round 2: Applejack Corrupted) - The battle between Tirek and the invasion force escalates, and Tirek quavers for a moment revealing a human form. The human form is Tirra Craig, Megan's lawyer. Not knowing whether it was reality or an illusion, Megan's concentration slips and she allows Tirek to release his Rainbow of Absence, which consumes Applejack. Applejack falls into a shapeless crimson mass, and screaming is heard. When the Rainbow of Absence releases Applejack, she retains her original form but her coat and mane are grayish-black while her eyes shine a brutal and piercing red with pure white irises. With the tables significantly slanted now, and with Megan upset with herself for failing to keep Applejack safe, the Invasion Force must retreat and forfeit the battle.
Episode 08 - Meeting With a Judge
Episode 09 - Infirmary
Episode 10 - Katrina
Episode 11 - Game Plan
Episode 12 - Rescue at Midnight Castle (Part 1: Firefly's Adventure)
Episode 13 - Rescue at Midnight Castle (Part 2: Battle for Midnight Castle)
Episode 14 - The Full Potential
Episode 15 - The Sun Stone
Episode 16 - Seeking Solaris
Episode 17 - Looking for Luna
Episode 18 - The End of Flutter Valley
Episode 19 - Chasing Celestia (Part 1 - The Search)
Episode 20 - Chasing Celestia (Part 2 - United)
Episode 21 - VOID
Episode 22 - Respects (Vale Mater)
Episode 23 - The Return of Tambelon
Episode 24 - VOID (Slight Return)
Episode 25 - Break
Episode 26 - The Rise of Discord
Episode 27 - The Fall of Luna

Updates soon on the episode descriptions.

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  1. How very interesting.

    VOID is your own character, yes?

    I will be interested to see how you integrate Megan into the G4 parts, or how you exclude her.

    I will also be interested in seeing what you do with Tambelon, because that was a frankly epic episode.