Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, I think the title explains it all. No regular news today, so I'll skip to the project.

I finished writing episode one! I revised it several times, and now that I'm content with the version I have, I'm scouting for pre-readers to critique it. If you would like to be a pre-reader, please send me an email. I could really use the help. It's hard to find pre-readers who know how to read a screenplay. Anyway, once I get enough pre-readers to give me feedback on episode one, and they've all given their ideas and thoughts and I've revised it, I'll post the finished version.

    •    Finish writing episode 01
    •    Upload .pdf file of episode 01's screenplay.
    •    Draft up a character profile for Fizzy
    •    Upload character profile for Fizzy
    •    Draft up a character profile for Molly
    •    Upload character profile for Molly
    •    Draft up a character profile for Tirek
    •    Upload character profile for Tirek
    •    Draft up a storyboard for episode 01
    •    Draft up a storyboard for the opening theme

No content after the break. I've spent the last several hours poring over my screenplay and searching for it's faults...I think I'm going to sleep for the next sixteen hours...Martha, wake me when I get an email. <vague reference to Dr. Who>.

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