Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Return!

Hello! I'm trying out a new format for the updates so bear with me! Cooperstown was awesome by the way, thank you for asking. I was originally just going there to see Bert get inducted, but it was pretty cool seeing Robbie and Jim, too. Anyway, ENOUGH OF THIS.

On my four days off I took a lot of time to think about where I'd take the story, and now that I've had time to ponder it, the idea has really started to come together in my head. I've started connecting concepts and pulling together story elements so that there are no threads left loose by the end. Now that most of the large-scale details are pulled together, I can get back to work on pulling together the little moments. Meaning you'll have the screenplay for episode 1 soon enough. :)

    •    Finish writing episode 01.
    •    Upload .pdf file of episode 01's screenplay.
    •    Draft up a character profile for Spike
    •    Upload character profile for Spike
    •    Draft up a character profile for Fizzy
    •    Upload character profile for Fizzy
    •    Draft up a character profile for Molly
    •    Upload character profile for Molly
    •    Draft up a character profile for Tirek
    •    Upload character profile for Tirek

So on the one hand, I only checked off two items from the checklist. On the other hand, I completed four objectives that WEREN'T on the checklist. Yes, aside from providing you all with a character profile for Spike, I also completed and uploaded character profiles for Danny Wells (Megan's brother), and Tirra Craig, (Megan's lawyer). Now, Tirra Craig is the first character I've added so far who didn't appear in the original G1 canon. Trust me, he won't be the last original character to appear in this rebuild. I'm trying to make the human world just as important as the pony world, and that means I need to expand the collective existence of the human world. In the original G1 series, we never see anything aside from Megan's farmhouse in the human world. I want to change that. Considering she was the protagonist, Megan's character and history were lacking to say the least.

After a post I saw on EqDaily, I thought I'd put in a little word. Kim Dykas, a well-known member of the brony community, lost his father in the terrorist attacks in Norway. I'm ashamed to say I didn't actually know Kim prior to hearing this, but as a devoted member of the brony community I feel I should say that my thoughts are with Kim and his family, and I ask that he remain strong in these dark times. Life is difficult enough without death and misery writing bitterness into our hearts. The loss of a loved one may bring a feeling of emptiness, but emptiness is not so awful if you have someone to share it with. Pick up and carry on, Kim, and know that even if we're thousands of miles away, we're all there with you.

Now...it feels a bit wrong to get back to business so quickly after that, but there is work to be done. Content after the break.

Danny Character Design
Spike Character Design
Tirra Craig Character Design

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