Thursday, July 21, 2011

Galaxy, Firefly, and Applejack Character Profiles

 As promised, Galaxy, Firefly, and Applejack character profiles for all! Here, have an updated checklist!
  • Finish writing episode 01.
  • Upload .pdf file of episode 01's screenplay.
  • Upload character profile for Firefly 
  • Upload character profile for Applejack
  • Upload character profile for Galaxy 
  • Draft up a character profile for Spike
  • Upload character profile for Spike  
  • Draft up a character profile for Fizzy
  • Upload character profile for Fizzy
  • Draft up a character profile for Tirek
  • Upload character profile for Tirek
Hitting a roadblock with the screenplay, there's a castle scene and an almost simultaneous character introduction, and I don't know how to handle it...not going to make any promises as to when I'll be able to post it...As for the character profiles, I sincerely apologize for Galaxy's being so oddly shaped. I didn't use the paper space properly, so my scanner didn't pick up the name and it ended up just being the sketch and description.

Coming up in the next update: ...I don't know! Probably general information updates. I'll be headed to Cooperstown this weekend to see Bert Blyleven's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, so I may not get another chance to update until Tuesday.

Content updates after the break.

Firefly character profile:

Applejack character profile:

Galaxy character profile:

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